Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd grader looses 2nd tooth!

Last Thursday I just happened to be up at the school right near Luke's lunch. I went in and sat with him and got to see him loose his tooth!

There had been one kid in his class that morning that lost a tooth. Their teacher made a big deal about it and read a book, and all the kids started wiggling their teeth. Three kids in the class lost a tooth by lunch. During lunch another boy lost his, then Luke!

He was very excited to put his tooth under his pillow. He kind of wished that he had waited to loose it for one more night- so he could loose it in Texas. He even started to put it back in! (Yuck!) You know, cause you the tooth fairy leaves more money in Texas.

At first when Luke woke up the next morning he could not tell if the tooth fairy had come! GASP! He could not see his tooth, but he could not find any money either! I told him to go ahead and do his breathing treatment and then he could look around for his money.

As soon as he was finished he started looking and found his money! Along with glitter that the tooth fairy had left behind on his pillow and his hair and little traces of it on the floor and window sill. We were amazed that he had not seen it before! (wink!)

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