Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Facebook Fail

It appears that "we" fixed it!
I am able to log on. Funny thing ... I am receiving multiple emails of friend requests from the same people. Other than that, it seems that it appears to be working. Thanks for looking for me!

I have resisted the invites to Facebook. I had nothing against Facebook or any other online gathering places. Or other people using them. I have a blog. I tweet. I just did not think I wanted one more thing online.

But- I have kids growing up. They are going to be online more and more. I would be that ostrich in the sand if I thought they were not going to. So I started thinking about getting on Facebook. Maybe I could just use Jay's.

It is part of Jay's business to be involved in all sorts of social media. I tried to just "borrow" his account. That worked one time. After that he kindly invited me to get my own account.

Last Wednesday was Jay's birthday. He had been sharing all of the messages he had received through Facebook. I decided late that night to sign up. I was going to make some kind of comment to him about being the last person on Facebook to wish him a happy birthday.

Only I couldn't make the dang thing work.

I could not sign up on Facebook.

I got on. Started entering things. I think I actually logged on once. Then tried to find Jay. I could not find him on Facebook. After about 20 minutes I kicked out in frustration and gave in and asked Jay for help.

I told him that I could not make Facebook work. He kind of chuckled and made some funny comment about me not following directions. But I am sure in the back of his mind he was thinking ... here we go. I have some kind of weird force field between me and technology. Jay often comes to the rescue and leaves shaking his head. I once had to get his help because what I was typing was coming out backward on the screen. Often our "fix" is to nuke it and start over. Turn things off and restart. Or rebuild.

So Jay started looking at things. He could not find anywhere that I signed on. But I was getting emails that I had. When I would try and log-on I would get error messages saying that my username was incorrect. That my email was incorrect.
I could not figure it out.
Jay could not figure it out.
I took it as a sign that for that night I needed to give it up and try later.

Well now its almost a week later and I still can't get on. Jay is starting to get friend requests from people I know. Not people that I have friended, because I can't get on! Just from people I know have emailed me in the last 4 years asking me to sign up to Facebook. I am getting emails of friend requests. But I can't log on!

So if you are on Facebook, check and see if you can find me. Because I can't find me.


Kristie said...

Well, I found two Alisa Spears (actually, three, but one is clearly not you) but they are both blank. Should I send friend requests, to see if you get them?

Alisa said...

Yes do!

Meghan said...

I found you easily, it was definitely your picture. It said we have one friend in common-Jay. Do you show up oni Jay's friend list?

I completely understand why you haven't done facebook. Same reason I don't Twitter, or text. (Although the texting thing is more of a money matter.)

Jake Behrens said...

I found you first try and am now supposedly friends with you, or awaiting your confirmation.

The Internet is a weird place. Be careful Alisa Spear. :)

Kimallsup said...

I found you! It had your picture on it.... I hope you will be my friend!

Jennifer Lavender said...

I found you too. Looks like you have a few friends now. Did you get it figured out?

Lene said...

Oh Facebook...

I will have to search for you.

Jennifer said...

I found you and sent you a friend request! Hope you'll be my friend - once you find yourself! :)