Monday, October 11, 2010


We had a three day weekend and I thought it would be fun to take advantage of the time and go to the zoo. Usually just Tucker gets to go out and about these days.
With varying degrees of grumpiness the 5 of us set off.

As I was taking pictures of one of the many fits, (this one involved throwing himself to the ground)

Savanna wondered allowed why I took photos when they were unhappy.
I said," because."
She countered with her explanation of how she did not like it and that I should not take them of Tucker when he was unhappy.

Then that night she saw this and said "I take it back."

I am Alisa and I take photos of everything. My food. My laundry. My dirt. My kids happy. My kids sad.


Jennifer Lavender said...

I took a picture the other day of Constance pouting while she was in time-out. She glared at me. I also take pictures of my kids in all moods. Good, bad, or other. We need a balanced representation of who they really are, after all.

your mother said...

I could still do that with you all as adults. The moods...happy and sad and frustrated and proud and all the other ones you have now raising your kids. It would be a balanced representation of who you really are also! Maybe your kids would enjoy them when they grow up and see what you all went through.