Sunday, October 17, 2010

The kids teach me

Today is our kids Primary program at church. The kids have been working hard and the program will go great. It always does because its not meant to be a talent show or a performance. Just the kids sharing their love.

I love helping with the music. I love getting to sing my way through church every Sunday. I can't imagine doing anything else. I may not be great at it, but I love it and I hope the kids feel it. I may not get the leading right all the time, or I miss a few words here and there, but I can do it with a smile.

My kids reminded me of something funny one of the kids in primary said a while back. There is a song that we have been practicing titled "Help Me Dear Father." I had been going over the song line by line and asking them questions.

There is a line that goes ... " Help me Dear Father to freely forgive. All who may seem, unkind to me."
I asked the primary kids who we wanted help to forgive. A little girl announced. "Mayceem."
I kind of stood there puzzled. Then realized . Oh yea, "all who MAY SEEM!"

So now that is kind of one our families inside jokes ... to forgive "Mayceem."

Last night I had a hard time letting something go. You know when you just aren't done being bugged about something. I was chewing on the situation over and over. Then the thought popped into my mind. Forgive Mayceem.

It was kind of one of those chuckle, shake your head kind of moments. Laughing at the thought of the little girl saying "Mayceem," and feeling a little sheepish that I am not living what I teach.

I love learning from the kids. They lead me when I am supposed to be leading them.

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