Monday, October 18, 2010

A few of my favorite things..

Yesterday was our kids Primary Program. I had the fun of being a Mom watching my kids, and helping all the kids sing their songs. It is always an anticipated Sunday. The Primary kids are so cute, and you never are sure what is actually going to happen.

Here are a few of my favorite things from yesterday ...
Some have photos, some don't.

I watched with admiration as Luke stood up with his class and said his part without any problem. I wasn't worried that he couldn't do it. It was more of a matter of IF he would do it. Anytime this last year that he is asked to get up in front of a group he is too scared. Like really scared. Yesterday he did it.

Having Jay take Tucker down from the stand (to avoid a train wreck about to happen) and corralling, wrestling, whispering and struggling with him for the rest of the meeting. I made a mental note to enjoy his help.

Getting to lead the kids in a song that Jack accompanied on the piano. It all went so smoothly that I forget Jack was the one playing! Afterward I told him how proud I was and he said, "I prayed."
I found this from a friends blog. She turned to offer him a word of encouragement and this is what she saw ...
"His eyes were closed, his hands were clasped, and his lips were forming the words of a silent prayer. I was so touched. Here, a ten year old knew the power of prayer and that he could ask for help to play his song. Suffice it to say, I turned around and walked away without saying anything, realizing that he was getting more help from God than I would have been able to offer."

Listening to each child stand up and say that they knew that they were loved by the Savior. I felt of their love.

Watching kids that just joined us over the last few months and weeks, and how they just fit right in.

Singing our hearts out all day!

Then the anticipated cutting off the Bishoprics ties!

We did this last year with the Primary and told the kids we would do it again. At the very end of Primary we had the Bishopric come in and all the kids got to take a turn to cut off a piece of their ties. (great cutting ties purchased off of ebay-by a member of the Bishopric!)

The men have just as much fun as the kids! It is almost a tradition ...

Then the last little sweet thing for the day ...

There had been a surprise of cupcakes for all the kids. It was a fun surprise! Except for Luke who has been off of sugar for the last week and a half and still has about another week to go.

(That deserves it own blog post probably!)

Anytime that we know there is going to be food handed out somewhere (school or church) we have been able to help him by offering alternatives of either a snack of some kind or a non edible treat, like a date with dad, or a trip to the library, or getting his legos back, etc. While the kids ate their cupcakes I took Luke out in the hall and we worked out a good alternative.

I had a few people apologize, and really there was no fault or blame. How is everyone supposed to keep up with the dietary restrictions of one child? That is my job. I just wasn't prepared for it.

But after church a darling teenager called. Her Mom had been telling her Dad about Luke. She overheard and gave us a call and wanted to make Luke his own special treat. She just happens to be off of sugar and had been compiling recipes of desserts. She also wants to go into the culinary arts. A win for us! She made and delivered the sweetest treat for Luke. We were so touched by her thoughtfulness and Luke thought it was pretty cool too!


Meghan said...

I am glad it went so well. I am touched by Jack's prayer. What song did he play?

jarrleckie said...

Fun that you have pictures to document the tie cutting!

Lindsay said...

You did great by the way. I know you often go un-thanked, but I also know that you work hard. The kids sang fantastic. It was wonderful.