Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is on my mind ...

A few things:

*I have broken too many dishes today.

I think I feel a little stress- although I am not sure why. Things are mostly fine. I am sure I am doing better than I think I am, but I am finding myself a little edgy, and bothered that I keep repeating the same things over. Every. Single. Day. Kind of like groundhog day. I reminded myself last night that it is my job to find joy in the mundane. The everyday life. I think it helped a little.

*I mentioned that we have been helping Luke not have any yeast/sugar for the last 3 1/2 weeks. All of our family meals have been served so that we are all eating the same thing. It has been eye opening to how much sugar and yeast surrounds us. I have spent an abnormal amount of time reading labels, researching and trying to come up with things to eat. Oh the time I have spent. This has opened up my mind to new things to eat. Things I normally would not have tried or made. Luke has done great with his "diet" and seems to be doing well. This last weekend we started introducing back into our diet, apples blueberries and potatoes. I made a sugar free apple/blueberries crisp that tasted wonderful.

*We are making big plans to do some kind of swap with all the trick-or-treat loot. Talk of having a visit from "The Great Pumpkin" to take the candy and leave something in its place have filled many a dinner conversation.

*Bites of ice cream straight out of the container has never tasted so good.

*I think I might possibly be burned out on "dress up" days. Usually I LOVE any excuse to be creative with the kids, but I think this week is just too much.

Red Ribbon Week=everyday something "themed." But Friday is favorite book character day. Which is so smart to do it with Halloween costuming for the next day. Except my kids don't want to be a book character for Halloween. Or I guess I should say ... they don't want to be the same one that they will have been the day before.

Then there is the 80's outfit that Savanna needs for choir.

Then there is the constant changing of costume ideas from all of them. Tucker wanted to be Han Salo frozen in carbonite. I think now he is going to be a pirate. Two days ago he was dressed head to toe as a cowboy and when I asked if that was what he was going to be for Halloween he blankly stared at me then replied "no." Multiply that times, oh about 20. Every person we saw that day wrongly assumed (as I did) that was what he was going to be for Halloween. I listened patiently as he told everyone what he was going to be, then interpreted for them.

So I have declared that all dress ups for this week must be done in house. As in- I am not buying anything for costumes. Certainly we have enough dress ups to cover us.

*Ahh that felt better to get that off my mind! (Or maybe it was the lemon cookie Jay left me.)


Layne Bushell said...

I've been having similar feelings. The dress up has definitely gone overboard this year. I wish Halloween were only 1 day. That's all it needs to be. It feels like we've been celebrating for a whole month. I'm done. Way to go with your food diet. I woudl like to try it just for myself, but I'm not brave enough to let the sugar go. I'd be sooo much better off if I would trust that I can make it and just go for it. Hang in there. I'm looking forward to next week when it all calms down a bit. Hang in there friend.

Tina said...

I need a post just about the OFF-SUGARING that you are doing. Why and how?
I hear you in the dress-up department. We have two more days of it. I don't try to do anything with myself because I am exhausted helping everyone else.