Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye 2010- February edition


More storm February 1

Kids out of school project- volcano

So bored they want to shovel the back yard!

The leftover decor on the front door shining into the hall-

100 pages of a book- Luke had to come up with 100 of something for the 100th day of school, and
dress up like a 100 year old!

It cracks me up that there is no snow or ice in this photo!

Helping Savanna curl her hair before the talent show. Not the most flattering of me- but I love that there is one of us together.

Enjoying a big fat lens that I borrowed-

Show choir- its all about the dress-
Savanna has dreamed about this dress since she was 2nd grade!

Some kind of domino fortress ...

How nice it is to shop with just one! 2/10

making music-


Our neighbor was cleaning out his garage and gave us this tumbling mat- it has been used for all kinds of things since.

2/ 13

Savanna's Circle the State with song choir

Completely messy house and blurry photos- but this documents when I moved all of our furniture around. Moved the piano, and bookcase from the front room into the family room along with all the other furniture that was already in there. I presented the living room to Jay for it to become his room. The studio. The headquarters. (or the HQ) or whatever he wants to call it.

We had no idea so much furniture could fit into one room. Or how much more the kids would play the piano in the family room instead of the living room.


We loved how the type glowed in the flames!

Hooked into another Harry Potter book!

Spent time with my mom and sisters for my mom's birthday

Savanna's last science fair project! WOO HOO!


Completely unexpected surprise tickets to go see Elton John and Billy Joel!
We sat behind the stage.

It didn't matter.
It was still an incredible show!

Hanging with a friend ...

2/24 I am always amazed when things grow. You don't have to tell them to wake up. They just do.

Savanna's middle school Banquet-
same night as the

pinewood derby 2/27

Monopoly/domino/Lego fortress game anyone?

Goodbye February 2010!

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