Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010- January edition

I wanted to give 2010 a proper good-bye. I started by looking through my blog and my photos on the computer. I fell in love with these people that make up my family. I really can't believe how much they change in a year. I am so glad to have the memories made with them, and I loved being able to relive some just by a glance at these photos.

So here is a peek into this last year ...


Tall Lego Tower

Saying Good-bye to Jake and Amy

Luke finishing up a Harry Potter Book

Love the interactions between these two- so playful!

It is so so sweet to see this cute dust footprint pop up!

Dress up day at school for something!
(any guesses of who he was?)

Tucker trying on Luke's glasses. I think he looks a little like Ben Folds.

Many faces of Jack.

I love these photos of Jack setting up his Lego models. They remind me of stories Jay tells of when he was younger.

I can totally here all of his sound effects!

Lots of lining up of cars and dress ups with this one.
(so glad I still get to enjoy him home!)

Tucker is the only one of my boys that has played with my hair. Another one of my boys has tried to cut it, but not play with it for the fun of playing with it. Tucker will sit and run his hand through it and then twist it all up.

January day out at Lake Hefner. I love the way Jack says Hefner. He almost puts an "i" in between the hef and ner, but not quite.

Tuckers shoes with burrs.

Kids playing row row row your boat. They even have some kind of flag with a stick and a cape.

Ironing. Forever.

State choir in Tulsa with Savanna. This is her 2nd year to participate-
(she gets to do it again in January 2011 with one of her best friends this time- woo hoo!!)

Article left on the kitchen counter for me to read from Jay after I took the kids to school.
I love that he highlighted the title with spoons.

Two brothers sitting peacefully together.
There were no other pictures taken with this. I am certain I took it because it was such a nice thing for them to be sitting together.
Jammies with feet. No more explanation needed.

VW bus for the pinewood derby. I loved seeing Jack draw up the plans and having Jay help him execute it.

Luke's 7th birthday!

Happy Birthday!
"We are so happy that the bad weather waited for a day so that you could go to school today. Unlike last year when you had to stay home and were so sad.
This week you were concerned that you would miss school again- as we listened to weather reports of how it would be toward the end of the week.
This morning when I woke you up I thought it was so funny that you forgot it was your birthday!
You went about your day so peaceful- not hyper. So calm that Dad worried that you were not having a good birthday."

Tucker fell asleep with Luke while "reading." This book really was like this. It fell between the mattress and the bottom bunk bed railing.

This made me smile. I think I need this one enlarged and framed.

Winter day- off-of school-craft. I remember being so glad the kids were off of school for a day so we could catch up on a project Luke needed to do for school!

Helping Mom in the kitchen.
Good-bye January 2010!


Kristie said...

I hope you do one of these catch-up posts for every month .... I enjoy seeing how your family has changed, too. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

No wonder you love them! It was fun to remember things with you.

Amy said...

Fun pictures! We miss you guys. I can't believe how much Tucker has grown up already in the year we've been gone!