Monday, February 7, 2011

Fortune Teller

I had to pick up chopsticks today for a game we are going to be playing at one of the kids Valentines parties. Tucker was given a fortune cookie as we left.

As we drove home he called from his seat behind me in the car,
" Mom! There is a note inside my cookie!"

I chuckled at his discovery and headed for home. We were putting away things from our errands and together we went into the bathroom. I turned around from the counter in time to hear Tucker say "Look at me." I had a brief moment to see him hanging from the towel bar off the wall mounted cabinet. Then I watched as Tucker and the shelf came crashing down on the toilet.

Scared more than hurt, I picked him up and we talked about why that isn't a good idea. Just like I had when we were at Walmart earlier, as he had tried to scale the shampoo shelf.

After we/he were calmed down I went back to putting things away. I laughed right out loud when I came back out to the kitchen and found Tucker's "note" sitting on the kitchen table.

(click photo to read)
I would consider this more of a warning than a fortune!


Lene said...

How perfectly funny!

Layne Bushell said...

Bahaha....that's so funny!

Jim Smith said...

Indeed perfect! I love the new look of your blog.