Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SPT-Learning the alphabet at the mall

Tucker and I have been working on learning letters. I have been pointing out letters to him of words he loves. Like Lego and his brothers names. Just today he was able to point out to me that all the names Tucker, Jack and Luke have a K in them.

We took our Tuesday trip to the mall for Pottery Barn story time and a visit to the Lego store. I thought I might as well share with him a letter of something I love too.

G is for .... Godiva.
F is for ... free.
M is for ... Mmmm.


Meghan said...

Is that the strawberry truffle bar? On Saturday Jon was leaving with the kids to birthday shop for me and I handed him the free coupon and requested he redeem it for me as a present. The kids wrapped it up and I agree M is for Mmmmm. (although if it were dark chocolate it would have been P for perfect.)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a cute, cute post Alisa. I like G, F, and M, too.

Tasha said...

ALL good things!

Kim Sue said...

love it! oh, and I love your blog makeover too....cute, cute, cute!