Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a letter

Dear Spring,
Thank you for being fickle. Your indecision of whether you wanted to be hot or cold or somewhere in the middle caused us to turn on our air conditioner. Which led to a really loud bang. And sparks. And then nothing.

We are so thankful to you oh-change-her-mind-like-the-weather-Spring.
We might have thought we could hold off for a while on replacing the old fizzled unit, but you
have shown us. On the warmest day of the year so far we had no air. Had you just given us a slightly warm day we would have had no idea the unit was going to go. We would have waited until we were on an extended stay with the heat of your sister Summer. By then it would be past time to get a new air conditioner.

Thank you for continuing to be so fickle as to allow a few days of cool, while we shop around and get estimates. Your wind was a natural air conditioner and almost made me forget the weekend! I am sorry for all the times I cursed your strength! When my skirt flies up and my hair goes all crazy I will just say thanks.

The dust you sent as your final parting gift was really a nice touch. Nobody knew I had been slacking in my housekeeping. Everyone here knew we have had all windows and doors open so naturally they "knew" it was a souvenir from you.

Thanks again for everything, I will be thinking of you when we visit your sister Summer, and we sit in the cool relief of our air conditioned home.

No longer your fair weather friend,


Layne Bushell said...

So true! Though we're nowhere near turning off the heat here...more snow's a comin'

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a witty post, Alisa!

jarrleckie said...

Well written! I'm glad you made it this long before having to replace you, I know it's teased you a few times!

Kimallsup said...

I just hope nothing else goes out on you. When our unit went out it was followed by the hot water heater!
Loved the post

hillary said...

It's a blizzardy mess in these parts. Not the springiest of Spring Breaks, I tell you. Althought it's cold and windy and yuck outside, this weather sure does make for a warm cozy day inside with my Daisy.

I love you and your attitude.