Monday, April 11, 2011

Scenes that made me laugh

Yes that is a dinosaur coming out of the playhouse.

Yet, another dinosaur terrorizing the house.

These two rabbits ... we all kept wondering who was the trickster to put them inside the clock. We were sure it was one of the older kids, but no, it was Tucker. We are very surprised (and relieved) he was able to get them in the clock without pulling it off the wall.

Superman holding a note on top of the piano. The post it note is a reminder that one of the kids wrote of which Hymn they were going to practice. I think its especially funny that the Hymn that ole Superman is reminding them to practice is "I need the every hour."

Guy from Mulan straddling a bell. Not sure what he was doing up there.

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Veronica said...

Thanks for sharing, these were great reminders of taking pleasure in the little things in life.