Sunday, September 25, 2011

one whole hand-

Today this boy turned 5!

One whole hand!

Dear Tucker,
You were so fun to celebrate with today! You had such fun requests. The easiest meals to make for your special day.
For breakfast you requested: hot dog buns with honey
For lunch you requested: hamburger buns with jam
For dinner you requested: scrambled eggs with bacon
For dessert: " that yummy red cake because its so good"
Like I said the easiest requests!

When you woke up today you were excited thinking about getting to wear the birthday hat at church and being sung to in Primary. When you opened up a present before we left for church you were thrilled to get your own box of orange tic tacs. You always want your own box when we go to the store, and I don't buy them. You were so excited and said "my own pair of tic tacs!" By the time church was over the box was almost empty.
We let you pick where to sit in church and you picked the very front pew. That turned out surprisingly well!
Today you changed clothes many times- I stopped keeping track after outfit/dressup #8.
You and I had gotten out the size 5 box of clothes this last week, and today you wanted to wear everything that was in the box because as you said "now I am 5." You also added many items from the dressup bins to your clothes. You were variations of many different things- cowboy, batman, there were a few swords, and weapons of different kinds mixed with odds and ends from the bins.
You were so much fun to be with. You took all of our birthday traditions seriously. You made sure that you were the first one to take a bite at all the meals. All day I have thought about how much joy you bring to me and to the whole family. I am so glad you were born.

Last night I was thinking about the day you were born and how you got your name. All throughout your pregnancy we would talk about different names. We liked the name Quincy a lot. Luke picked up on the name and said that you would be Quincy P if you were a girl. If you were a boy we really liked the name Clarke. So right after you were born and we knew that you were our boy, I held you close and stared into your sweet face and questioned the name. I looked at Dad and back at you and said that I did not think you were Clarke. It was so funny, the name just was not you. So we took a day or so to think about it. The hospital raised a fuss about us leaving without naming you. But nobody was going to rush me into naming my son!
On the drive home we decided on Tucker. Tucker James. It is so you. I can't imagine you as anyone else.
I am so glad that you were born.
Love, Mom