Monday, September 26, 2011

Tucker Week- animal parade

I am going to take a few weeks to highlight each of the kids. Believe me there are plenty of things that I could blog about that are negative, and I could vent all the annoying things. It is not my point to only portray our life like a glossy magazine. It is not. There are frustrations, tears, arguments, struggles, self-doubt. Pretty much a normal family life. But if I don't focus on the positive ... who will? Plus there are some pretty funny things that the younger kids do- and some sweet things from the older ones that I don't want to forget.
First up ...

Tucker week!

He called out "Hey -mom, come see what I made!"

"An animal parade."

"The stinky animals are on this side," (left)

"... and the not stinky ones are on this side." (right)


Layne Bushell said...

that's a classic!!!!!

Alex and Kimberly Rasmussen said...

You're amazing!!! I love the joy I feel reading your blog!!