Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tucker Week- It keeps going ...

This summer we cleaned out the toys and boxed a bunch up. They have been waiting in the garage to put in the attic, to sell, or to donate. Tucker was pretty much done with all of them. Didn't blink an eye when he helped me move them to the garage.

I think that when the older kids are around he wants to play with them, and do what they do.
But after school started, he re-discovered his old friends.

We found batteries and his re-discovered friends literally came to life!

Nan taught Tucker the difference between a Phillips and a Flathead screwdriver. Now Tucker feels like it is his responsibility to find the right screwdriver and unscrew the screws for me. (to everything.)

Tucker has spent many a day after school with the trains, rescue heroes, cars, & Lincoln Logs. All things he thought he was done playing with.

And replacing the batteries in everything he can unscrew.


Layne Bushell said...

Alisa! OMGOsh...Seth is totally obsessed with Rescue Heros right now. He and his little buddy play with them for hours and hours every day. They love them. I was just thinking about you and your rescue heroes and wondering if Tucker loved them as much as Seth has.

Don't donate them! They sell very well here on KSL Classifides. And Fisher PRice has started selling them again, though they are smaller and not as big and chunky. (If you are going to donate them...I want them!!!!)

I haven't replaced the batteries though...they just play without noise...maybe I should teach Sethy about flathead and philips screwdrivers too...but that would mean I would have to get odd shaped batteries!!!

Kim Sue said...

how cute..and what a big boy!