Sunday, May 6, 2012

End of the year 6th grade choir concert

This is Jack's last year with his choir teacher. Because our elementary and middle and high school are so close together the 6th grade choir is still taught by the same teacher as the elementary. She has done a fabulous job. I feel so thankful that she has given our kids such a wonderful music education.
She has passed on her love of music to them as well.

The last song that the kids sang was the Hallelujah chorus. I love hearing it sung. I love it even more hearing a group of 6th graders sing it. I love that every time Jack sings it from now on he will sing his part instead of just the melody. I love when this song is sung that everyone rises to their feet. I love the chills it brings me. I love how I can hear those around me singing, and that I just can't help but join in too.


Kristie said...

Good heavens, is my child the ONLY 6th grader not in choir???

Alisa said...

Well I looked for yours, then looked for a few others that seemed to be missing from years past. But it does seem to be a pretty large group.
I wonder how many will continue on next year?