Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Luke the Cub Scout

 In February 2011 Luke joined Cub Scouts. 

 His first cub activity before he ever even attended a pack meeting was the Pinewood derby!

 The excitement involved in thinking/designing/making your own car is so fun to watch.

 Luke knew exactly how he wanted his car to look and his Dad helped him execute the details.

A dolphin car.

"Making Weight"
His first activity was a success! He had fun and got to make something with his Dad. 
On to the weekly meetings.

In the car ready to go to his first den meeting. Over the last year he has had a hard time going to meetings, (usually he doesn't want to stop reading or building with Lego's) but once he gets there he doesn't want to leave. I have just as much of a struggle getting him to leave as I did with getting him there.

Last summer Luke attended the "twilight" Cub scout camp- and I went and helped just like I did with Jack.

 Except this year I got to go almost every day. And this year it was hot. 

So very hot. We met at the camp from 2-7 or 8 in the evening. The boys all had a fun time, and I don't know if they noticed it was hot. I kept my mouth shut about how I felt I was going to melt.

summer 2011


(Going to camp gives me a great appreciation for those that work with youth. No matter what the capacity. But that is for another post- this is about Luke!)

Fast forward to this last February 2012 and Luke got to participate in another Pinewood Derby!

Once again he knew exactly how he wanted his "car" to be, and had just as much fun building it with his Dad.

A yellow submarine!

 I love how Luke does not get overly competitive when the cars are racing.
I can appreciate how he is just there for fun.

 Tucker made a sign to cheer his brother on. I don't know if Luke really loved it as much as this momma did.

 Luke really worked hard the last month he was a Bear Scout. He finished up all the requirements before he turned 9 and was able to earn his Wolf badge.

Now on to working toward his Bear!

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