Friday, August 24, 2012

1st day of Kindergarten!

This big boy is in all day school! A big day for him and for this momma! He was so excited. He had been excited all along, but expressed his concern for me. He didn't want me to be lonely. Whenever I was headed out to the store he would ask if anyone else was going. If I said no, then he jumped to go and would say "I don't want you to be lonely!" I kept reassuring him that everything would be just fine, that I would miss him but I would be fine. I guess it worked because he hasn't looked back!
-so much to carry!  a lunchbox and a purple (required) school bag-
The day before school started we went to meet-the-teacher and dropped off all of his school supplies with all the other kids. It was a busy place! Tucker was excited until we got a note that said the first day of school they would be having a "luau" to celebrate. I didn't realize it was worrying him until he told me he wasn't so sure about the "aloha" and he wondered if he would have to dance. I tried to ease his mind that it was going to be fine. He wasn't so sure.

But on the morning of the first day all jitters were gone about the aloha and he was just ready to get the show on the road! Can we just get in the car and go already?!
The whole family was loaded in the car and "I" was doing fine with the idea that all of my children were going to be in school all day long.

Until we started talking about how we were all going to walk in- Tucker didn't want to have anything to do with it. He said "why can't you just drop me off?" (reminded me of last year!) I was starting to explain that it was tradition for mom and dad to walk the kids into school on the first day when Savanna piped up with, "plus this is Mom's last time ever to walk one of her kids into school on the first day of Kindergarten!" Followed by, "It's a big day!" I felt the hot tears and tight throat coming on and tried to laugh it off. Jay said "way to go Savanna, you are making mom cry!' She thought he was kidding so then she started to sing Taylor Swift ... she quickly realized that there was no kidding. I choked it back and got it all under control so I could get these kids to school!

We parked around the corner from the school and started the walk in. I felt like I was doing fine, until I saw the marching band in front of the elementary and the Kindergarten building. Something about the music and seeing all the other tiny pre-K and Kindergarten kids and the other moms getting all emotional made me get that tight throat again!

-Love those boots, even though he had new shoes he still chose the old worn out boots-

All of a sudden my big Kindergarten boy didn't seem so big anymore. He's my baby!
I left pretty quick. I didn't want him to see me getting all emotional and then having him get sad.
After I knew that he was where he needed to be, we left to go get Luke dropped off to 4th grade.

I pulled myself together, but let a few more tears go as I passed other tearful mommas.

I couldn't resist stopping back by to see him in his class. When we had dropped him off his room wasn't open yet. I was so excited to see him smile and wave! He was happy and had a lea on no less!
(I guess the aloha was going to be fine after all)

All in all I think it was a great first day. Even if Tucker came home and proclaimed that the teacher wanted to call me because he got mad in the middle of the day. That was the only thing he complained about. Everything else was, in his words "Great!" (or gweat if you speak like Tucker)

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