Thursday, August 30, 2012

4th day of 4th grade

Last Wednesday was Luke's fourth day of 4th grade. This boy is just moving on up! He is upstairs at school now and feels like that is an exciting thing.

 I was having an email exchange with all 4 fourth grade teachers- the kids switch for the core subjects, math, science reading and social studies. I had to laugh at their descriptions and feel a little relief: "fairly attentive, He's such a great kid! So sweet and polite & sweet little Luke."

Then this just made me smile-"Bless his heart, he was very understanding when I accidentally called him "Jack." Ugh! I asked him if his mom ever called him the wrong name and he said "yes." I explained that it was a hazard of being a mom."
It's also the hazard of being a younger brother!

So far a great year at school. I am thankful for each of his teachers! They are all very capable and will help Luke so much this year!

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