Friday, September 14, 2012

first day of seminary

And they are off!
Savanna and Jay started their 2nd year of Early morning Seminary on August 27th and today marked their 3rd week completed. This is Savanna's 2nd year attending and Jay's 2nd year teaching. Every morning they rouse around 5ish and get ready for their day. Piano practice, showers, smoothies then off to the church building by 6 to meet with the class.

Last year they studied the Old Testament and this year they are studying the New Testament. I am proud of them both for going. To get up, to be ready and not complain (for the most part.)

I am thankful for the time they put into it. Both as student and teacher. The early mornings have been a hard thing to get used to. But I honestly think that this year is easier than last year.  Oh the appreciation we have for sleep though! Getting to bed earlier than we would like and enjoying the treat of sleeping in on a day off or weekend.

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