Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10th day of 10th grade

Last month- August 30th! How was it last month?! That day I almost missed taking Savanna's photos! I remembered on the drive to school- and had a momentary thought of turning around to go back home and take them. But sanity won out and we just took them after school.

Having Savanna in 10th grade is much more of an adjustment than her starting 9th grade (for me.) I keep repeating that song 100 years to Live  and the line "caught in between 10 and 20."  I am excited for the years ahead of her, but want to hold on to right now.

If I asked Savanna how 10th grade is I bet she would say the same thing. That it is more of an adjustment than starting 9th grade. I think that she is excited about her future too, but I don't think she feels that she wants to rush it either. I'll ask her after school and see what she says.

I love my 15 year old girl!

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Kim Sue said...

She is growing into a beautiful young lady. I'm sure inside and out!