Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tucker is 6

 Tucker is 6!
In celebration here are 6 photos from this morning as he headed out to school.

Tucker loves cowboys. He doesn't dress up like one. He is one.
I was talking with him about Halloween and suggested that he dress up like a cowboy. He just looked at me and it was like I could read his mind. 

The boots that he got for Christmas were all but falling apart. I have used them as a bargaining chip since school started. If there was something in question I could just say, "you'll loose your boots," and that shaped things up quick. Until last night. I said the phrase and he whipped his head around to look at me and said "I'm not wearing those boots again. I am going to wait for my new ones." 
(He just knew he was going to get them for his birthday-we had looked at some and tried them on.)

He has wanted a "big" buckle like he sees all the older boys (and men) wear. Jack found just the one and got it for him. It was sweet.

Right after school we are headed out to go ride.

 I love my 6 year old!

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