Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt

There are no eggs in these photos. Our church had a BBQ/Egg Hunt- and my camera battery died. At least I thought it did. I missed all the kids running for eggs, and the mania that ensued. I missed the photo of Jack finding a $10 egg in the youth hunt. But we have all seen egg hunts. Imagine one and put my kids faces in it.

But then I had the idea to double check my extra batteries-and I am so glad. I didn't miss Tucker and Luke on the horses. Our kids love going out to this families farm- when we get there they jump out of the car before its even parked, and I don't see them until its time to go. And even then it is hard to see them because they run away when I call for them.

This family is so giving of their time- I have no idea how many times she walked around, and around giving kids rides. I am sure she was tired by the end, but she never seemed tired or put out.
Luke was kind to share with Tucker- and I think they both liked it. But I think Tucker's imagination took off when he got to ride by himself. These photos are meant to be scrolled through really fast- if I knew how I would put them all together in one of those moving pictures.

It got me thinking of his other cowboy & gun shots- cheese, gun-in-church pistol-to pop, cowboy Christmas to name a few.

And there you have the egg hunt.

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Alex and Kimberly Rasmussen said...

Those pictures make me laugh! And I love how your eggs turned out! What a great idea-we will have to try next year!