Monday, April 7, 2014

Tucker's Sunday Reds

Written fall 2011-

Tucker loves the color red. How and when we pick our favorite color I do not know. But for Tucker his favorite has always been decidedly red.
Our kids (and their Dad) have always had striped/crazy socks. Mostly they are dressier socks and not their everyday wear. They each have several (or many!) to choose from. Over the last two years Tucker started only wearing a red striped pair of socks to church. When we would get his clothes ready the night before those were the ones he would lay out. Or if we did not get the clothes ready the night before (oh the pain!) he would fall into a heap on the floor in sadness if he could not find the right red stripes. One Sunday I told him to just pick a different pair of socks and he looked at me with a look of disbelief and said, "But I only want to wear my Sunday Reds."
So Sunday Reds they have been called ever since.
This year I looked and looked for a new pair of Sunday Reds as a gift for his birthday. The older striped ones were turning into ankle socks. Hooray! For his birthday he opened up a new pair!

-eating a Popsicle out on the church lawn after a Saturday practice for the children's primary program- 2011

Spring 2014
Red is still Tucker's favorite color. He will pick an item based on color. Except for socks. Because. You know. Boots.

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