Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is full

This weekend we listened to our Church General Conference. It happens twice a year and I always enjoy it, but this time it felt like it was packed with just what I/we needed to hear.
As we listened to Elder Bednar's talk I knew exactly the story he was speaking about. I felt like I could quote it.

It made such an impact on me today that I came out of blog hiding to write about it. I loved the thoughts from the talk when I first read it in 2003. I thought that our life was full of good and also hard things.  Same went for 2008 when I wrote about the talk. (I want to reach through and squeeze those little kids in the post!) Our life was full! It was good, it was also hard.  Now fast forward to 2014. It is the exact same. Life is full. It is good. It is also hard. I have to always watch and check and correct myself, to make sure I am full with the things that are needed for the time.

I am thankful for this reminder. What are you filling your life with? What does your load look like?
What do you need to add or take away from your load?

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