Monday, January 14, 2008


My sweet neighbor brought over a surprise dinner on Saturday night. I was so excited! It was an unbaked pie that I could use for sunday dinner.
And look how cute the "S" is on the top!

The recipe is called Gobbler Cobbler Pie
from Paula Deen and can be found here. It is good... A great way to use up turkey too!

On a totally unrelated note...I put Christmas away today. I was finally ready. I think today was my most productive day in 2008-It was a miracle of a monday-Almost all of the christmas bins are loaded and ready to be put in the attic. AND...I created things today! It feels good...gets me excited for tomorrow, my mind just keeps going on what I want to work on next! IT feels so great to start getting our home organized again. I have felt that since having the 4th child...I just have had to let things go. (and its a year later!) BUT, ahhhh.. the light, I can see the light.


Kim said...

wow that looks to pretty to did she do the..... (stuff around the edges)whatever thats called?

Rebecca said...

I have never seen such a perfect crust edge!! I am impressed...if she were my neighbor, I'd make her show me how to do it. I love making all kinds of pies, but I've never taken the time to perfect the look of the edge!