Sunday, January 13, 2008

sunday evening

The end of the day, and many thoughts swirl through my mind. I get like this at the end of the day. I start thinking about 1 thing, and that thought leads to another.
The house is very still (finally!) and I think I can just let my mind go...its very relaxing.
I am listening to this...
so my thoughts have been about Joseph Smith, and of course Christ.

It all started with me thinking of my Grandfather.

Tonight I missed him.

My mom had called and said that Nana was not doing well, and could Jay go visit her. He did and he came home with Grandaddy's scriptures for Jack. Before he died, several times, he said he wanted Jack to have his scriptures when he turned 8, and was baptized. He passed away 3 months before Jack turned 8.

So Jay bringing the scriptures opened up some emotions for me.

I remember Grandaddy calling when Jack was really really little. (oh my memory.. I wish I could remember exactly when!) I know he was under 2. Anyway, he wanted to know how much it would cost for Jack to serve a mission. He wanted to help Jack be able to go on a mission when he was old enough. I was so touched. We never talked about it again, and nothing was ever said or done. But I know of his desire for Jack to serve the Lord.
So I was thinking of Grandaddy and his testimony, and having his scriptures for Jack. And listening to the CD- And I started thinking of my testimony. It made my heart full.

I miss Grandaddy. I know that Nana is lonely, and is still trying to figure out how to live life without her companion.
I started thinking about how excited he would be to talk about the upcoming elections. ALL the candidates. I never talked with him about politics. I don't think I ever felt "old enough"- but I can remember my mom talking with him. I can see him getting animated, and fired up about things. He was a researcher....he would think and think and think, and gather as much information as he could. (thats how we ended up with so many great books..if he wanted to know something he would research it!) ending thoughts today are closing with my gratitude for my family, my grandfather,
my testimony of Christ, and the blessing of music. How it can bring me closer to Christ, and fill our home with His peace.

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