Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SPT-love, me

what will you do for yourself this valentine's day?

I focused on the "do"of this, not what would I "get"-

I knew exactly what I would do...A nice manicure and pedicure!
mmmm the smell of peppermint

Wait, what is this? I did not put this in here.
uh, wait, I don't need these in here for this...who could be doing this?

Yep...its them. Something about the sound of running water, and me near it makes these guys run upstairs and feel the need to share the toy love. Maybe its that they love the toys so much in the bath, that they just could not think it possible to have a soak without them.After I got out, Luke thought he should stay and play awhile.

So moving on....after the soak for my feet, I snuggled on the bed with Tuck, and put peppermint lotion on my feet then quickly covered them up with my socks. AHHHH the minty-ness of it all.

Tuck loves to smell the lotion.

Then it was time for lunch and to put the littlest one down for a nap. As soon as that was done, I ran into my room to start the painting of the nails.
For my fingernails....
and for the toes....

And while they dried Luke and I snuggled and read/searched some I spy books.
That took about 3 hours, from the start of the soak...to the end of the drying....no wonder I don't do this more often!


Tilane said...

I loved the pictures with the toys! I totally laughed out loud!

Kim Sue said...

glad you came by my blog and thanks for leaving a comment - hope to see you back soon

I love that peppermint lotion-mmmmmmmm!

April said...

I am amazed that you did it while the kids were awake! But, I guess that's better than not doing it at all. :) I think you have inspired me to give myself a pedicure tomorrow! Happy Valentine's Day!

lelly said...

the story that you tell with these SPT photos - how CUTE!! i also love twisted peppermint.

the boys are adorable, and i bet you are rested and relaxed after those three hours.

Kim said...

OH i loved that post.... that sounds like a great pamper-myself -thing-to-do. I would have to include scrapping of dead skin.... oh that is a TMI.... (tomuchinformation)