Monday, May 5, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie

Savanna got shortchanged last weekend on the photos for the play she was in. It was hard to get pictures during the play- and once I got home I had a hard time getting them off my camera.
So here they are....
She got to be a part of the teen chorus, and was in a few of the musical numbers ...


flowers with janelle
flowers with jennifer
flowers with Luke
savanna & missy
savanna kaylie & momma
nan & savanna
savanna & rose
Savanna & Kim
Savanna and her music teacher Mrs. Adams
Savanna with "Conrad Birdie"

She had so much fun, and we had so so much fun watching her.
We have been quoting the musical all week- I am really surprised how much the boys are quoting it.
We loved that the whole school was involved in the musical- elementary, middle and high school, and even the administration.

The first night Savanna came home so excited and happy. She had a blast. I feel it was such a blessing for her to get to see so many wonderful older kids working so hard to put on a production. Each night, before they went on stage, they stood together for prayer. Savanna was so impressed and thankful for that. There were older girls, that were so kind to her, and that really boosted her up.

She had such a wonderful time ... and is planning for what her next performance will be!


Jenn said...

That looks like so much fun! Love that all grades were involved! Congrats, Savanna!

Hilary said...

what a fun event! Her smile is just electric!

Amy said...

I love, love, love "Bye Bye Birdie"! My hubby was Conrad in his production of it nearly 20 years ago!
If you don't have it, get the movie...utterly cheesy and wonderful! :)