Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday was my mom's birthday-
What do you give to your mom for her birthday?
Last year I had a great idea of what to give her. But not this year.
I can't possibly think of what to do or give to her. She would say nothing.

She does so much for me. She is so much to me.
She paints for me. She made my kitchen look like I have great looking tile. She turned our bathroom into an aquarium. (and then gives all the credit to the brushes!) She paints for the kids.
She is a wonderful story teller- when I was younger she would make up wonderful fantasy's for me and my friends. She gave us hope, and something to look forward to.
She loves my husband- she loves to spend time with him about as much as I do!
She reads to my children. She loves to read and puts emotion into the stories.
She helps me decorate- for holidays, for a party for anything- she loves the details in things.
She is beautiful.
She takes care of my children. I have loved living close to her the last 5 years-

She took care of my grandmother this last year. She spent hours every day with her, helping her, caring for her. I realized last night that this was her first birthday ever without one of her parents. And it made me a bit sad. I can't imagine my life without my mom in it. It will be a sad day when I have to live this earthly life without my mother.

One of my sisters gave my mom tickets to the Lion King, coming this May.
My other sister gave her a beautiful 8x10 rug.
Then there is me. Nothing-
I thought of her all day. I thought of her last night- I talked with her on the phone. But no ideas are flowing of what I can do for my mom.

Happy Birthday mom- I am still thinking of what to do for you- (any ideas are appreciated!)
Know that I love you, I am so very thankful you are my mother. I am thankful that you are my kids Nan. We will keep celebrating-
Love, alisa


vgsmom said...

I'm sure she will say that this tribute was more than enough and it was beautiful.

Kimallsup said...

I had no idea it was her Birthday!
I hope she had a good day. I think so much of her and I have such a good time when I am with her. Happy Be-lated Birthday Angela!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Alisa, you're a great gift to your mom. I'm so glad you told us about her.

Happy Belated Day to her.

hillary said...

Take her out for the day to lunch and a movie. (Confessions of a Shopaholic is cute.) My mom just took Maddy out for her birthday. Time is much better than things. Moms like time.

Meghan said...

Let me know what you decide. I still owe my mom for Christmas AND her birthday!!