Thursday, February 19, 2009

out to eat

January 13th-Out to eat- What a treat!
Our friend Tom, was in town from CA and took our family to dinner.

He and Jay usually hit a movie when he comes into town

and that's usually after the kids have gone to bed-

so we were really excited to all get to go out with him.

The kids did great- the meal was yum-
a definite thumbs up!

I had the above already typed up and not posted-I was trying to get a video to load of Tucker doing thumbs up. It would not, so I thought I would figure it out later. So I just tried again- forget it. I have to wait until the bartender gets home from work. I am sure its a problem that exists with the user.

Yesterday afternoon Jay called and said where are you? I replied "at the park." Jay said "Tom is in town and is on his way to the house."

What a fun surprise! I got home and he was waiting outside. The kids were so excited- its like Grandpa has come to town!

We ate dinner (thank heavens for yummy leftovers in the fridge!) and then went out for ice cream- Braum's- From the first time he came to visit us Tom has been our Braum's man.
And as always, the men went out for a movie.
It is always a "treat" to have Tom come- he really is like a Grandpa to the kids. They love him. They respond to him. He even helps them with their homework. It is wonderful to have him in our life. Especially since Jay's dad lives far away- its good to have a surrogate!

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Meghan said...

These kinds of relationships are important for children. Teaching children to happily socialize with all ages will be a blessing in their lives.