Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family night - 5-25-09 memorial day

Family Night- a time set aside

Song- We sung patriotic songs all the way from our house to the cemetery. It took 3 songs with only a few versus each to get there. America the Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner, My Country tis of Thee.


Lesson- Mom & Dad We talked about why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Who we honor and why.

Jay talked about the blessing of having the gospel of Jesus Christ, and knowing that we will be with our family members again.
We remembered things about our Grandparents, living and passed on. Jay remembered our kids swinging with their great-grandparents at their house on the front porch swing. He remembered Grandaddy making the kids bowls of ice cream. Luke said he remembered getting popsicles and ice cream from Grandaddy. Jack remembered going downtown for ice cream with Grandaddy.
I told the kids how every time we go with Grandpa Spear to the cemetery, he brings cleaning supplies to wipe down and clean up the headstones. Everyone got to work cleaning up. It became a little bit of a competition/contention. (nothing like arguing at the cemetery!)

Activity- planting flowers in a little pot to leave at the cemetery.

Then driving over to visit Nan. My brother had brought over the swing from my Grandparents house that we had been remembering earlier. The kids jumped right on.

Treat- Popsicles


Sandi said...

That is a totally awesome FHE.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great, great, great FHE. I love your recaps. I think these will be posts your kids will really enjoy through the years.

Kristie said...

Hey, if you're where I think you were, my family is buried there, too!

Janelle said...

The second I saw this I knew where you guys were and I started to cry. Then laugh when I saw Tucker Riding the headstone. Then cry again knowing that Nana & Grandaddy's swing was at Mom's house now. We will now be able to make a million more memories on that swing! I love you, Janelle