Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sheering sheep

My friend Hillary keeps leaving such nice comments about the boys hair. She thinks I am cutting it. It's time for me to come clean. Let the truth be known!

When I lived in Payson Utah, Hillary moved in 3 doors down. We lived in townhomes and she moved in 3 doors down, so it seemed like 1 home away! She cut hair- and occasionally we would trade. I would make her a meal and she would cut someones hair. Sometimes that was great, other times not so great. (I am remembering a "new" recipe, a pork roast with some kind of apple raisin chutney, that no-body cared for. so sorry Hill) Evenutally she started helping me to learn to cut the boys hair. (maybe that was so she would not have to eat my food any more!)
After moving to Oregon, I continued to cut the boys hair. Then we moved to Oklahoma- where I have many a family member. Not only do I have many a family member here, but also almost every single one cuts hair!

I have contemplated giving my hand another try over the summer. I am sure I am losing points in the thrifty-self-reliant category. But it is so nice to have someone else cut it.

So on Saturday, when one of my cousins called and said she could get all 3 boys in if I wanted to run up to the shop. I squealed yes- and rounded them up. I felt like a farmer trying to round them all up into the pin to get sheered.

It was time to shave off the winter and get ready for spring/summer.

Jack had such long bangs. And puffy hair. It is so course and thick that it is like one big puff. With a little tail going down his neck. He has not wanted it cut. A while back he said he wanted "baggy" hair. Whatever that is.

Ahhh- there is Jack! He said it felt better, lighter after getting it all cut.

Now Luke- He gets a peacock thing going on the top back of his hair. It just grows that way.

Then there is Tuck: His hair seems to be a mix of Jack and Luke- puffy and peacock.


vgsmom said...

They look ready for summer. I will have to admit when I read that you sheared them I was a little sad because Friday night I had thought how grown up Jack looked with his loger hair, and that I really liked it on him. Oh well, give it a few weeks.

Brooke said...

It was seriously the best having Hillary so close. As she said...and it's true...she is a hair cut genius!

Lene said...

I love the summer buzz cuts.
I cut the Huz and the boys, but I learned my lesson on my girls and they are best left to the professionals.

hillary said...

Oh good times. I don't like any hot mushy fruit, so that cranberry business meal wasn't for me. I had nothing to do with your awesome cooking.

AS for the haircuts! I am SHOCKED! Truly I am. I am glad you came clean. Thanks for the shout out. Now I know Brooke has a blog.

princessmomma said...

I'm way behind on my blog reading, but still have to say that I think you have the most handsome boys ever. They look great with their new summer haircuts.