Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPT-something borrowed-revisited

Lelly's SP challenge for the month of May-
"going back into the vault this month, to an spt challenge i really loved! hope you will join along!!

tuesday, may 5 something old
tuesday, may 12 something new
tuesday, may 19 something borrowed
tuesday, may 26 something blue

Its that time of year when things are crazy for everyone- not the holidays but the end of school.
Like Kristie and Lori, I find myself wanting a little more time and a little more patience.
I have a list of things to do before the kids get out of school, a list of things to blog about, a list of things to do for/with the kids before school gets out, a list of things to tackle this summer etc. etc. The list goes on and on.
Amid all this craziness and business I have that pull to do something else.
Something I want to do. Something I want to learn.
I have been wanting a camera for a long time, but after my camera woes this year I gave up saving for one. I thought that this must not be my season. And really, do I have time to learn something new right now? I kept consoling myself saying, No.
But, a few weeks ago I borrowed a camera from Kristie.

I fell in love.
I had been talking myself out of moving up to a better camera for so long that I really did not think it would be that big of a deal.
Not so! Not so! I took photo after photo- experiementing, marveling at how different it was to move up to a digital SLR. I gave it back and started dreaming of getting one of my own.
Jay saw how excited I was and brought me one from a co-worker to borrow.

Like I said I have many other things to do right now than learn how to use a camera. But it is so fun! I have captured some moments in the last few days that would have been documented with the other camera, but look so much better with this one! The details, the light.

SO glad I borrowed Kristie's camera. (thank you Kristie!) So glad I borrowed one from Jay's co-worker.

But now I don't have to borrow one. I got one of my own.

I keep wondering how to use it, and I am trying to learn. Last night Jay encouraged me saying- "You can't plant corn tonight and expect corn on the cob for breakfast. Keep working at it."
So I will.


Kimallsup said...

Yeah!..... So is it a cannon?

Jeanette said...

Congratulations! I want a new camera too. Hope you have lots of fun learning how to use it. Love the corn analogy.

Lene said...

So what kind is it?
I drool over digital SLRs. Maybe that is why I don't have one yet...I would destroy it with my drool.

Kristie said...

So awesome!! What did you wind up getting? No matter what it is, you'll love it! (although the corn on the cob comment is cracking me up either way.) :)

TheBMillers said...

HA - love the corn comment.. going to have to use that one - congrates on the new camera


jenn said...

how fun! great pic! i love taking pics, but just have a point and shoot....maybe someday i will upgrade! cant wait to see all your new pics

Rebecca said...

Alisa--I just spent one night last week out with my friend who is a professional photographer. She taught me how to shoot on manual with my SLR...it has been so much fun. I feel like I have taken a big step toward achieving my photography goals! I'll have to email you a couple of my best ones so far!