Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nana's graveside service

After a very long emotional weekend we all gathered at the cemetery on Monday morning to share memories of Nana. Nana had always said that she wanted all of her granddaughters to be her pall bearers because she had so many. 14 of them! So all the girls gathered around, with a few of the guys and brought the casket under the tent.

Everyone came together under the tent or on blankets right outside.

Sweet and tender thoughts were shared about Nana. My uncle and my mom have put so much of their life on hold this last year to help take care of Nana. My cousin Tara thanked both my mom and my uncle for not allowing Nana to go to a nursing home.
My uncle told a funny story about the man who helped take care of Nana's arrangements. He was the same one who helped with Grandaddy's. I wrote about her feelings about him here. My uncle said the same thing, except he commented that it was like Nana had found her date for the prom. She really was so happy to have found him again!

Tucker was all over the place.

The kids did great- I was a little worried how I would handle all of them without Jay there, but they did fine. (even with Tucker being all over the place)

At the end of Grandaddy's funeral we all left the service listening to the closing song from the Lawrence Welch show. This time was no exception. Only today we blew bubbles.

Everyone was given roses to put on top of the casket and we blew bubbles as we left.
We all gathered back at my mom's for lunch and visiting.
A few days later we ran into someone that had been at the funeral and Luke said- "Hey weren't you at the family reunion?" It made me laugh. We did have a great reunion while Nana was doing the same.

written 11/4/08

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