Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fourth turns Four!

He had come into our bed before it was light and fell asleep. As we were waking up I said "Tucker its morning. What does that mean?" He looked out the window to see if the sun was shining and he gasped ... "I am four!"

He wanted more weapons. A light saber. Apparently he has a thing for weapons.

Tucker was thrilled that Jack gave him a light saber.
(We all were a little surprise and thrilled too!)

Perfect timing that Pottery Barn had star wars crafts-

Very fun to have a birthday party to attend for his cousin on his birthday.
At this age it all just seems like one big celebration!

He had all of his favorite things to eat. Scrambled eggs, cake before lunch, (white cake with white frosting, at his request!) and pancakes for dinner.

Then off to the science museum with the family!

I just asked Tucker what he remembered about his birthday.
(It was 2 months ago!)

eating cake
having breakfast
got something that was really awesome, I got a light saber
Luke made me the gun room from the death star (with legos)

It looks like you are right handed. But as soon as I think that you switch it back.
You talk and talk. Dad and I were just remembering that there was a time you would hardly speak. And then once you did, we could not understand you for the longest time. You have outgrown saying 'lo mein" for Tucker James. Which you proudly state whenever someone asks your name.
You have become a little lonely with the kids being gone to school. You have started requesting to have "boy" friends to play with. No more girls!

You still call Savanna sister, and hardly ever say her name. But you have taken to calling me and Dad by our first names. Whenever you are unhappy with us you will explain what you are upset about like this, "Alisa won't let me play with my toys." Or, "Jay said no."

You look up to your brothers and want to be like them. You adore Luke and sneak into Jack's things when he is at school.

You are a complete joy.

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