Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Remember this post?
Well we have been doing so good.
I have gotten into the habit of sorting our things before throwing anything away. I even got four bins labeled with:
The family has known exactly where to put things.
Last Tuesday I loaded the bins and the kids into the van to go drop it off.
I turned on the street and felt so confused.
I asked the kids- is this the right street? The first sign was gone.
I kept driving and got to the entrance and was met with this sign:
We all wondered and I picked up the phone. I called Jay to get the number for city hall.
I called-
I asked where our recycling was.
The answer?
People were putting their trash in the recycling bins.
Thats it?
I asked if they were planning on doing anything else about it.
The woman said no.
I hung up feeling so frustrated & bothered.
I called Jay and vented to him a while.
I called back to city hall.
Still no help.
I sat and stewed and came up with my own mental list of solutions that could have been put into place. Thought of who else I could call. Put a call into the city newspaper.
Then I thought I would call again and ask some more questions.
I needed more information before I just started blasting our little city.
When I called this time after asking a few questions I was asked if I would like to talk with the Mayor.
After about a 5 minute wait I was put on with her.
She was very politically correct.
She told me that they just could not believe that people would put their garbage in the recycling containers. How could people just drop off their old sofas, and mattress's?
She asked what I thought could be done:
I asked about putting a garbage bin, and adding big junk pick ups to the area?
Never really got a straight answer.

I am not convinced that they did all they could to:
1. Prevent the trash from being put in the bins
2. Correct the problem before removing the option of recycling

I hung up feeling just as frustrated as when I called.
So after going home with all our "recycling"- we had to then bag it and put it in the TRASH!
We had over 5 large bags now of "trash" to add to our normal trash.

This letter was in the city newsletter the next day.

Frustrating. Very frustrating.
I will not just sit by, though.
They have not heard the last of me.


Anonymous said...

Good for you little friend. Do not give up. We don't have recycling in Santaquin except for newspapers. So I truck all my glass, metal, and plastic #1's and #2's plus all my paper and cardboard (it's just easier) all the way to north Provo to my parents recycle bin that they pay extra for each month. All because I am a chicken and don't want to call the city to ask if they have plans for bins in Santaquin. So you go and pester them until they give in. hillary s

Jenn said...

You could come bring them to our house! I am feeing very fortunate that we are in OKC limits and have recycle bin from them - I even need to call them to see if I can get another, even if it costs extra - I can get a third one and schedule a Pick-up Time with you even!!