Monday, April 7, 2014

Tucker's Sunday Reds

Written fall 2011-

Tucker loves the color red. How and when we pick our favorite color I do not know. But for Tucker his favorite has always been decidedly red.
Our kids (and their Dad) have always had striped/crazy socks. Mostly they are dressier socks and not their everyday wear. They each have several (or many!) to choose from. Over the last two years Tucker started only wearing a red striped pair of socks to church. When we would get his clothes ready the night before those were the ones he would lay out. Or if we did not get the clothes ready the night before (oh the pain!) he would fall into a heap on the floor in sadness if he could not find the right red stripes. One Sunday I told him to just pick a different pair of socks and he looked at me with a look of disbelief and said, "But I only want to wear my Sunday Reds."
So Sunday Reds they have been called ever since.
This year I looked and looked for a new pair of Sunday Reds as a gift for his birthday. The older striped ones were turning into ankle socks. Hooray! For his birthday he opened up a new pair!

-eating a Popsicle out on the church lawn after a Saturday practice for the children's primary program- 2011

Spring 2014
Red is still Tucker's favorite color. He will pick an item based on color. Except for socks. Because. You know. Boots.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is full

This weekend we listened to our Church General Conference. It happens twice a year and I always enjoy it, but this time it felt like it was packed with just what I/we needed to hear.
As we listened to Elder Bednar's talk I knew exactly the story he was speaking about. I felt like I could quote it.

It made such an impact on me today that I came out of blog hiding to write about it. I loved the thoughts from the talk when I first read it in 2003. I thought that our life was full of good and also hard things.  Same went for 2008 when I wrote about the talk. (I want to reach through and squeeze those little kids in the post!) Our life was full! It was good, it was also hard.  Now fast forward to 2014. It is the exact same. Life is full. It is good. It is also hard. I have to always watch and check and correct myself, to make sure I am full with the things that are needed for the time.

I am thankful for this reminder. What are you filling your life with? What does your load look like?
What do you need to add or take away from your load?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Girl, revisited

I saw her come down the stairs with the purple bow in her hair. It totally reminded me of this.
(This was in my drafts from last year- but it could have been just yesterday. I looked at Savanna's bow as I dropped her off yesterday and it just made me smile to think the same bows she wore when she was little are still being worn years later.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My favorite

Today is one of my most favorite days.
May first. I love May Day!
I pulled out my favorite book to go with my favorite month. I did my favorite May day activity. Things always feel different for me at the start of May.
I came across a quote a few years ago "Everything seems possible in May." That just sums things up for me.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I don't regret

Savanna encouraged me to pick back up on writing. She even gave me an incentive. Can't let her down can I?

This is a post I started in 2011, back when I had braces, and a little boy still home with me part of the day, and then another post that I started in the spring of 2012.

I had been writing about Tucker and the things that we loved about him. He was starting pre-k soon and I had this overwhelming feeling that time was counting down until he was gone all day.

Tucker makes us laugh. I had someone ask me this summer, "Is Tucker always this funny?"
Yup- I think so. But a lot of the time he doesn't even know he is being funny/cute. I guess that is what is so fun about 4 and 5 year olds. They just don't know any better.

We were swimming and talking about going to Colorado, and Tucker said "That makes me think of that food. You know it's dark green on the outside and bright green on the inside and prickly and I don't like it." We thought and thought, I was asking everyone around me- I brought Luke and Jack over and finally one of them said "Do you mean avocado?" "Yup!"

I was telling Tucker no about something. He turned around and looked at me with the most serious face and said "You have made a bad decision." I kind of expected it to be like a game show and I would get water dumped on my head or hear a loud buzzer go off for giving the wrong answer!

We were passing by a yard that had dogs barking. He looked out at the dogs and he said "They are calling for me- they are saying, "Tucker, Tucker"- "They love me. All dogs love me."

Then I wrote this a year ago today ...
April 30, 2012
This wasn't what I thought I would write- Today I had an errand close to the school and as I was checking out I noticed a photo of a boy that I thought I recognized. He had lived in the children's center until he was 18 and I think he went to our school when Savanna was in elementary. I asked the man behind the counter about the boy. It was his son and he had just passed away this summer. We talked about his sons life and what he had been able to accomplish. We talked about this mans life and how he and his former wife worked together to care for their son once he had moved back home with the mom. How much love was given and time. As the man helped me with my purchase out to the car he shared with me how frustrating it is to see parents treat their kids rudely. To be short with them or to ignore them. He said its so hard to see because he would love to just have one day with his son again.

Today was Tucker's practice day for eating lunch at the school. I got a note last week announcing that Tucker's morning class would get to "practice"eating lunch in the cafeteria. He was excited. I had a
moment of disbelief. I mean, I know he is going to school next year. I know that he is going to be gone all day just like the older kids, but be gone for lunch? Well I hadn't thought about that. It made me feel a little out of sorts. I remember reading this from Cathy Zielskie last fall- and taking photos of our PB&J's to
remind me to enjoy this last year home with Tucker.

So today with Tucker having big boy lunch and then my conversation with the man at the store it has filled me with the feeling of wanting to turn back the clock. It got me thinking of things I regret. That list can grow pretty quickly when you are looking back in time to things that are impossible to change. Then to make myself feel better I started thinking of things I don't regret. Like eating lunch with Tucker. The times that I actually sat at the table and ate lunch with him without computer or other interruptions.

Fast Forward to now April 30, 2013
I can still feel those feelings of wanting to turn back the clock. I will never regret the pictures I took. I will never regret the times I sat at the table and talked with Tucker while we ate lunch. I don't regret writing down the funny things he said.  I don't regret having the stories here on my blog. Thanks Savanna for the little nudge.

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's ...

-image from 2010-
Time to catch up on the blog and enjoy time with the kids. Lots of catching up to do with both!
What does your week look like?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Boo Crew and Halloween dinner


The kids had a great time putting together their Halloween costumes this year. Luke and Jack have gotten a lot of mileage out of them! Luke has worn his five times for different dress up days, parties and trick-or-treating, and I think Jack has worn his at least twice.

Our evening started with a hot dog dinner at my mom's. Usually we dine on chili or taco soup- but someone suggested hot dogs. Then my brother asked if we were going to have "the hot-dogs." Sometime in the last two years I saw in a magazine all these great different hot dog combos and we ate them for some family gathering.  I couldn't remember when it was and I had not blogged about it! But I did find tucked away in my too-fat-to-overflowing-somebody-help-me recipe binder these cards that I had out from last time. They described each hot dog "scenario." So we opted to do that this year instead.



I think we have a definite winner for the favorite dog. But we decided that our family needs to have a proper contest to judge which one we think is the favorite.

I get a kick out of what the kids want to be each year, and I am always so thankful when we don't have to buy a lot of supplies. Long gone are the days when "I" got to decide what they were going to be!

It is still fun to dress up- even when you are 15. I think having younger siblings to "help" do the treating helps. You have to dress up if you are going! Savanna decided on a ghost. I think mainly the inspiration came from her bracelet. It is hard to see in this photo, but it is covered in googly eyes.

After the bracelet came the shirt- then we pulled out all the tulle that has been sitting in my material box and whipped it up. The only thing we had to buy was a white t-shirt. 

Jenna joined us for the evening- she dressed up as the girl from The Birds.


 Jack was The Dr. from Dr. Who. Yes the red fez, and bow tie were important to the outfit. Jack found the jacket this summer in Jay's closet and thought it was a perfect Dr. jacket.

We found the pattern online for the fez and I broke down and bought the bow tie. He assures me he will wear it again. Fun for a Dr. Who fan.

Next up we have Luke as Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. Technically he was Frodo from the book. (But we used the movie character as inspiration.) We were pretty excited to find everything we needed for his costume.

He really wanted hair for his feet, but somehow I convinced him otherwise. He gave me shivers when he imitated gollum saying "my precious."

Saving the best for last ... Tucker as Chris Krat from the PBS show Wild Krats. Wow- was this a funny one. After he nixed the idea of a cowboy  (because you can't dress-up, if that is what you already are) I kept giving him other ideas but he would not be deterred. He kept going back to this character. I remember him from PBS show Zoboomfoo.

Pretty good imitation don't you think?

Here is the story that I will remember best about this Halloween. See those round circles on Tucker's costume? I was putting them on last minute and wanted to make them stick so they would not fall off while he was running around. I had the "great" idea to use hot glue. I whipped that glue gun out and Tucker was not so keen on the idea.
This is what I posted on Facebook about the situtaion:

"A cautionary tale ... The hot glue gun will seem like an excellent choice to quickly finish off the costume so the young'n can get out the door. But not such a great choice when the hot glue is stuck in the zipper at the end of the night and there is no way out but to cut your way out of the costume.

Yes- I had to cut through Tucker's vest to get his head out. There was no way to get his head to go through either direction. There was a little moment of panic- and I loved having Tucker say "I told you hot glue was not a good idea!"

A Halloween story to remember!