Sunday, December 20, 2009

Red Envelope 1-23

Last year we started a new thing for our family. Every day through December we open a red envelope. Inside is something for our family to do to prepare and enjoy the season. Some things are big, some are little. Some days we go somewhere other times we stay at home.

This year so far: (and I will update this list through out the month) Some of these may end up having their own post, and some might not.

Day 1- Go to the lego store and make Holiday Lego wreaths
Day 2-Light new Christmas Candles and read two stories from Julie's blog of her Christmas devotional
Day 3- Go listen to Christmas Choir Music (Savanna's show choir)
Day 4- Go take photos with Santa and cousins
Day 5- Go to the Creche Exhibit (Nativity exhibit at church)
Day 6- Have rootbeer floats and watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional
Day 7- Yell up the chimney to Santa
Day 8- Put out more Christmas decorations, set up Christmas tree and eat Christmas Candy
Day 9- Read a christmas book by candlelight and tree lights
Day 10- Get out Christmas dishes
Day 11- Drink hot cocoa during morning devotional, Eat Christmas lunch at school instead of packing one from home
Day 12- Watch a holiday movie + Santa Jammies Surprise!
Day 13- Go look at Christmas lights (Chesapeake and Nichols Hills) It will take us more than one night to go look at lights!
Day 14- wave to Santa at the mall and add any other wishes!
Day 15- Write Christmas Cards to Teachers.
Day 16- Receive ornaments for everyone's trees
Day 17- Go watch the Nutcracker at school-
Day 18- Add ornaments to the big tree (pics tomorrow)
Day 19- Accidental red envelope- We were going to make cinnamon ornaments from Julies blog, for our families little tree, but I did not have any applesauce- (we will do it next week) So we ended up watching the Polar Express (twice!) and Jack and Savanna go to share holiday fun with their friends! (once again, friends save the day!)
Day 20-Enjoy the last Sabbath before Christmas! Plan out lists for siblings of things we need to acquire to make/finish gifts. And this.
Day 21- Our Caroling Party!
Day 22- Go to Barnes and Noble (just like then)
Day 23- Work on sibling gifts


Kristie said...

You know what cracks me up about this? Brayden was telling me yesterday, "Savanna's family does this envelope thing, and they get to do fun stuff all month, etc." and so I asked her if she would like our family to do something similar and she enthusiastically said yes. I thought maybe we would start next year ..... then last night it was time to decorate the Christmas tree and it was a disaster. Arguing, mumbling, complaining .... even tears, and one (me) very annoyed parent. So really, we couldn't even manage one night of activity, and she wants to try 25????

Alisa said...

You know we have our grumbles and complaining and eye rolling. Here is a little tip. Some of the envelopes are quick things. They don't take all afternoon or evening. Some are really quick like- getting out christmas dishses, or lighting a candle during breakfast. If I know life is going to be crazy one night then we pick something for the envelope that will be quick. Last night Jay almost canceled going to look at lights, everyone was tired and grumpy. But we made it through it.
I know some people that just do 12 envelopes until Christmas, and some do it for 1 week. Make it work for your family. Everybody is different. If it is something you want to do, make it work.